UP Wild Church is:

A gathering for those who see the natural world as a bearer of the sacred and to restore this awareness as a foundation of our religious practice and practical action to protect the Earth. Deep within the Christian tradition there hides a wealth of wisdom of a responsibility to be stewards. It is time to bring this authenticity forward. Churches are experiencing a mass exodus and wondering why. We understand why. Most of us are in need of healing just as our Earth is; we aim to do this together. The "UP" stands for Upper Peninsula (of Michigan).

In Gathering Together:

We hope to gain a deeper awareness and understanding of our connection to creation and discover new ways to live out our call as Stewards. We honor the Anishinaabe people as the original caretakers of this land. Knowing this, we humble ourselves in a wisdom beyond ourselves as we aspire to walk together with all beings. Through prayer, we ask to be awakened to the Spirit’s message for us so that we can be empowered and equipped to find ways to bring that vision to life, both in our personal lives and through our witness to the wider society.

Wild Church is a Call to Action:

The sacredness of all life and creation motivates our urgent concern for Earth and the survival of its life systems. Destructive aspects of globalization, the unequal distribution and use of resources and other human behaviors affect all life. We acknowledge our own complicity and call ourselves to radical choices in order to be just with, not abusive of, Earth’s resources. Recognizing the urgency of working to protect and restore a healthy eco-system in these next vital years, we are challenged to express unifying love by becoming stronger leaders and joining with others in working for systemic change that will enable all to live in right relationship with Earth and the Creator. (adapted from CSJ Wisdom Council Act of Chapter)

Wild Church Values:

The leaves have not suddenly changed their colors at this moment, nor has the sky been transformed. All that beauty was already there. What changed? I did. This splender was there, but I did not notice it. I became a beholder and I see what is there to be seen (M. Himes). When we step out of ourselves (ego) and into creation, we begin to notice the love which supports all that exists.  God is the Mystery which has created all things; for God is love and love is a relationship of which, we are called into daily. 

Wild Church is For:

Everyone. You are welcome whether you are Christian-identified, questioning your faith, in recovery from wounds inflicted by religious trauma, simultaneously receiving nourishment from other faith traditions, or simply on your journey.

Who We Are:

A non-profit collaboration with funding support from the Episcopal Diocese of Northern Michigan and the ELCA Northern Great Lakes Synod. Marquette’s, Lanni Lantto (she/her/hers : grew up in Catholic tradition) leads Wild Church offerings with help of volunteers.

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