"I watch the birds outside eating the seeds of the Earth; which Creator shares with all Creation.

I begin to realize that money is a gift as well. So, I give of my abundance so more seeds shall grow."

Thank you for all your support!

We have so much envisioned for our future: continuing to bring people away from their screens and into the wilderness, allowing native plant species to share their wisdom with us and our children, creating a consistent place of outdoor prayer on a weekly basis.  We are growing!  We've doubled our attendance and have a solid core group involved with planning. Our goal is to be a staple in our community and expand our virtual nature prayer walks.

We are working to create a new future for the church and for those who have no place to go but are seeking.

THANK YOU for "creating such a beautiful way for us to honor God" and for being a part of U.P. Wild.


Becoming a Monthly Donor means we know our budget ahead of time and how much we can offer and 'give back' to our community without relying on grant assistance.  It provides SUSTAINABILITY, RELIABILITY, AND SUSTENANCE.  Our goal is to be supported by 23 monthly donors in 2023.  All contributions are tax deductible.  Make sure to click the blue "Create Recurring Donation" box before submitting.


But also, there are many different ways in which you can share your gifts:

We believe in shared leadership & co-creation. "I was involved with a group that maintained itself financially and still was not fully self-supporting because no one would commit to service.  A group that cannot fill its service positions is not fully self-supporting.  Continuity of service is important to our well-being and our common welfare.  I can give my time and moral support to help make ours the kind of group I want to belong to."

  • Leadership & Visioning of the UP Wild Church mission

  • Volunteers to help host In-Person and Online services
  • Helping create content which is family-friendly, kid inclusive, & brave space for all
  • Making collaborative community connections
  • Inviting a friend / Praying for us
  • Idea sharing poems, reflections, topics, creative liturgies / Inviting story tellers
  • Social Media / Spreading word / Texting Ppl
  • Researching Hikes (Upper Peninsula, MI)
  • Greeters / Artists / Foragers / Introverts / Extroverts / Revolutionaries / Poets
  • Creating & editing Virtual Nature Walks