"I watch the birds outside eating the seeds of the Earth; which Creator shares with all Creation.

I begin to realize that money is a gift as well. So, I give of my abundance so more seeds shall grow."

Thank you for all your support!

We have so much envisioned for 2022: continuing to bring people away from their screens and into the wilderness, allowing native plant species to share their wisdom with us and our children, creating a consistent place of outdoor prayer on a weekly basis.  We are growing!  In 2021, we doubled our attendance and have a solid core group involved with planning. Our goal is to be a staple in our community and expand our virtual nature prayer walks.

We are working to create a new future for the church and for those who have no place to go.

THANK YOU for "creating such a beautiful way for us to honor God" and for being a part of U.P. Wild.

There are many different ways in which you can share your gifts:

We believe in shared leadership & co-creation.

  • Leadership & Visioning of the UP Wild Church mission

  • Volunteers to help host In-Person and Online services
  • Helping create content which is family-friendly, kid inclusive, & brave space for all
  • Making collaborative community connections
  • Inviting a friend / Praying for us
  • Idea sharing poems, reflections, topics, creative liturgies / Inviting story tellers
  • Social Media / Spreading word / Texting Ppl
  • Researching Hikes (Upper Peninsula, MI)
  • Greeters / Artists / Foragers / Introverts / Extroverts / Revolutionaries / Poets
  • Creating & editing Virtual Nature Walks